The Plot Thickens… No more YouTube on Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV (notice the blue YouTube App tile that's usually red)

When bulls fight, it’s the grass that suffers. This seems to be the case in the most recent showdown between global tech giants Amazon and Google. The continuing feud between Google and Amazon led to the former withdrawing its YouTube app from Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire streaming devices several days earlier than the scheduled removal on 1st January. The scheduled withdrawal was in retaliation for Amazon’s failure to feature Google Products such as the Google Home smart speaker and the Chromecast streaming device. When users search for “Google Chromecast” on Amazon, the Amazon Fire streaming stick would show up instead.

People who would like to stream YouTube videos on their Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Tv sticks will now have to use a web browser such as the native Silk browser on Amazon devices.
In a statement made by Friday by Amazon: “YouTube and millions of other websites can be accessed via a web browser such as Silk and Firefox on the Fire TV devices”. In fact, Amazon is now redirecting users looking for YouTube to the mentioned browsers.

Google is yet to comment on the issue.
youtube firetv not working

While it is not clear which company fired the first shot in this latest turn of events, there is wide speculation that the withdrawal of YouTube from Amazon devices is because there are rumors of Amazon starting their own YouTube-like service known as Amazon Tube.

Recently, competition between the two tech giants has escalated to levels that are putting consumers at a disadvantage. For instance, Google has recently entered the smart home devices market with its smart speakers, a niche that Amazon has been dominating for quite a while with its Amazon Echo devices. On the other hand, Amazon has gradually been pushing in Google’s turf of online advertising. This being the case, it is evident that both companies are extending their ambitious efforts further beyond the technologies that brought them to fame and fortune i.e. Amazon as the world’s largest online retailer and Google as the world’s top search engine.