About Us

Founded in 2017, DigiSRC.com is a tech blog that focuses on helping users worldwide to solve common day to day tech problems. Initially, we used to review gadgets and software, provide information on the latest device deals, and provide user tutorials on common software, devices, and services. Our main categories covered how-to tech projects, guides, and tutorials on various platforms such as Android, Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows.

However, the technology landscape has since grown and the number of platforms and emerging technologies has radically increased. Consequently, the internet and web landscape has become more populated with new technologies such as smart home devices, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). For this reason, we have also had to adapt to the changing technology landscape and in doing so, we’ve decided to separate the good from the bad for our loyal readers. DigiSRC.com has effectively expanded its scope of coverage to include emerging platforms and tech such as cryptocurrency, internet security and privacy, and media streaming devices and services. As we continue to expand our portfolio, we hope to give our users the best experience possible, and generally help them improve their overall productivity and make informed purchase decisions.